To sum up all connected parts:

  • Any js control can be embedded into a web form ASCX control
  • The ASCX control can be imported into any XAF view with the help of the “CustomControlWebViewItem” object
  • The js control itself should be encapsulated within any ASPx control which got any client-side initialized event
  • The creation process of the js control can be called within this initialize event of the container control
  • If the JS control does need any context information this can be done using the client-side using the JS custom properties of any DevExpress ASPx control
  • This JS custom property can be set with the help of a method within a view controller which gets called after the creation process of the corresponding view item (e.g. the CustomControlWebViewItem) and can be read on client-side afterwards.
  • With the help of a Web.API service the JS control can asynchronically load and process any additional aggregated and filtered data

A corresponding sample project can be found under the following url: