Using custom controls within your XAF web application

Embedding JS custom controls in XAF web application

The scaffolding mechanism of XAF is suprisingly mighty and complete but in every concrete development the developer needs to adopt the default behaviour of the application and enhance the overall functionality. In this context the requirements for the web application

Comparison between different ways of implementation

A number of different types and techniques for embedding such custom items in your XAF web application does exist: Custom property editor View item Custom control   Any of these comes with a number of advantages and drawbacks: Implentation type

Creation of a Web.API data layer

The JS controls needs some way to communicate with the data layer. For this demand several techniques does exist. For instance you could use some javascript custom properties. To use a more flexible, reusable and standardized way you could embed

Creating a JS empowered custom control

Creating the custom control First we need to create a new “web form user control” in our web application:   Embedding external libraries For using any external JS controls probably some additionally css files and js libraries has to be


To sum up all connected parts: Any js control can be embedded into a web form ASCX control The ASCX control can be imported into any XAF view with the help of the “CustomControlWebViewItem” object The js control itself should